WAKE is the story of a young woman, Ophelia, at a crossroads between life and death. Grieving her father’s suicide, she spirals into the shadows of her psyche, where she must free herself from the grip of the past in order to survive.

From the Director: After losing my father to suicide seven years ago, I embarked on an inner journey reflecting upon the depths of who I am in my heart and my psyche. Along this path of grief, shame, anger, healing, empowerment and joy, I became strong enough to accept the pain of this great loss, while also finding gratitude for being alive. In my grief, I connected with the character Ophelia, from Hamlet, and the greater archetype she represents of the adolescent girl in search of the self. It was my intention to use the deep feeling of my personal experience to tell her story.

WAKE is in post production- scheduled to finish in spring of 2019. This film was made with support from the ARRI AMIRA Camera Grant.